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Email Triage

Email Triage is a multimedia solution that comes with a guided audio program, an ebook, and reference cards to help you institute a proven framework to manage your email inbox and get more done.


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Productive Flourishing Bundle

Bundle includes:

The 2017 Momentum Planners Bundle (regularly $12) is our premium planner package for creatives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. It contains our popular digital planners, bundled for the year, plus exclusive productivity tools.

Email Triage (regularly $10) is a structured technique for processing email. It teaches you how to make rapid, effective decisions about what to do with what you have in your inbox. At the end of the process, you're left with only the bits that require your attention.

The Guided Business Review (regularly $29) walks you through the process of doing a grounded, holistic, and strategic review of your accomplishments and setbacks. It asks the right questions in a structured way.

That's a 24% savings on the bundle!


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