Momentum Kickstarter Kit (with Digital Planner Pack) SKU: 111137

The Momentum Kickstarter Kit is a bundle of 3 of our best digital products to help you get going on the right path. You’ll find yourself finally acting on the ideas that keep you up at night. (Bonus: you’ll sleep better, too.)

Here's what you'll get:

  1. Email Triage helps you dropkick your Inbox into something close to manageable so you're focused on doing your best work rather than worrying about what's lurking in your Inbox.
  2. The Momentum Planner Digital Pack includes a full year’s worth (January through December) of our popular Momentum Planners and the purchase-only Yearly and Quarterly Momentum Planners. These fillable and printable planners help you fine-tune the amount of structure you need to fit your work.
  3. Start Finishing Your Projects is our top-rated multimedia course that shows you how to convert those loose ideas into doable projects that you can finish.


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